improve the work, provided the basis for scientific decision-making. Agencies involved in third-party assessments are mostly think tanks, their expertise, so that the assessment appears to be more heavy, more scientific.The experts involved in the assessment, but also a grounding process gas. Yexing Qing said, received a mandate, they first do your homework is to study the policy, in order to assess the content clearly defined. He has long been engaged in rural research, primary research to have a lot of experience, but like the implementation of nike flyknit lunar comprara policy research carried out from start to finish, have not had. "From the first one kilometer to the last one kilometer, to understand the Government to implement the complete chain, our future research will be a lot of inspiration."Man Chuan Wang said that in the actual research, business, people more relaxed reflect the situation to a third party, better speak from the heart. The status of third-party organization is more detached,

its findings more credibility. "The introduction of a third-party evaluation mechanism is important government initiatives to promote the modernization of governance." He said. "This is recruiting people to open a meeting, the officials listened to the views of residents of the community about the relocation compensation, the results of official office to speak a few words and left. Then it happened to me and my mother was playing the event, the mother of two broken ribs. "Two days ago, Zhengzhou Xingyang Walnut community residents Qiaoping Jun talked about himself and his mother was beaten at the event, his face grief.Walnut community located in Zhengzhou Xingyang Jimin Zheng road and lane about 100 meters south of the intersection, under the jurisdiction of nike free run 4.0 mujer  the Office Xingyang Ho Sok. Walnut community is 1992 on River Street office Xingyang Chu Sok village built into the establishment of community land, the entire community 10 five-storey residential building, there are 312 households. Area residents do have Xingyang are issued by the Housing Authority of house ownership (real estate license), a real estate license clearly written housing

  is one of a family, living on tnike free run 3 mujer  he Community Building 7 104 rooms, real estate license registration area is 142.97 square meters.July 9, Xingyang Sok River Street post office in Walnut community demolition notice said: All the Walnut community before the end of August 2014 demolition. The compensation scheme are as follows: 1, according to the demolition of a house in this area make up a (split tenant needs to pay land conversion gold 500 yuan / square meter), excluding coal shed area. 2, housing appendages or removed at its own expense. 3,3 years to move back guarantee, rental fees within three years 200 yuan per person per month compensation for overdue double compensation.Need to note is that the cable River Street office announced compensation scheme did not say Walnut community residents to move back to place.After the demolition and relocation compensation agreement announcement Sok River Street office announced aroused strong