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the process of Xing Libin

Le 1 September 2014, 03:39 dans Humeurs 0

interviewed believe that the media repeatedly disclosure of Shanxi officials and businessmen especially the "coal boss" bartering behavior, visible to the coal industry in Shanxi as the main pillar of the economy, government and business transactions outstanding.For example, lead to "70 million married women" storm Shanxi Liansheng Energy Chairman Board of Directors of Xing Libin March last year after being investigated, Shanxi Luliang City, the former first deputy mayor Zhang Zhongsheng sacked and subsequently, DU Shan school, Nie Chunyu have been investigated. Some media reports said, Zhang Zhongsheng, DU Shan school, Nie Chunyu are Xing Libin's "circle of friends", played an important role in the process of Xing Libin fortune.In addition, Huang Xiaowei, Vice Minister of Supervision Jin Daoming nike free 3.0 v5 baratas talked about the discipline and other senior cadres at Lok Ma also mentioned that "These cadres problem, of course, for many reasons, but one very important one is the refusal to accept the supervision of the subjective, objective oversight weak so Power operation deviate from the right direction. "ImpactOne-third of the Standing Committee checkedDecision-making mechanism on how to run Beijing News News August 29 afternoon, the commission informed of Shanxi Provincial Committee website, Minister of United Front Work Department of Baiyun alleged serious violation of law, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. So far, the Standing Committee of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee of 13, there are four people being investigated.How the rest of the nine Shanxi Provincial nike free 3.0 v5 comprarCommittee Party decisions on major matters of the province If you want to be added to the Standing Committee, to go through what procedure Beijing News reporter interviewed Professor Wang Yukai, National School of Administration.Beijing News: Now sacked almost more than a third of the Standing Committee, the provincial working mechanism will affect you Wang Yukai: Although there is no participation in decision-making, said the relevant provisions of the Standing Committee must meet two-thirds of the total number, but it has become almost an unwritten rule, and may have some impact on personnel vote.Beijing News: How the Provincial Standing Committee additions Wang Yukai: on some important nominations province appointment will need to inspect the central priority of nomination, the nomination after. Like the Guangzhou Municipal Committee did not produce from Guangdong Province, but was transferred to the deputy mayor of Tianjin, Guangdong, although may also be nominatedWanqingliang went to Guangzhou to "learn"Bai Yunsheng in 1960, when 16-year-old to wnike free 5.0 mujerork in a defense communications base station CST twenty health team medic. 2001 at age 41, rising to the Shanxi Provincial Party Secretary Mission.2003 onwards, clouds began to place in power, working in Luliang three years, the official Luliang Municipal Committee; work in Yangquan six years, the official party secretary Yangquan, Yangquan Coal illegal mining during the phenomenon is repeated exposure. January 2012 was transferred to Yuncheng Municipal Committee, did only one Years, but this year the news is very intensive, but also led the team to Guangzhou, "learn", when he told the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of Wanqingliang exchanges. Since then, the clouds once again promoted, enter the Shanxi Provincial Committee leadership, as the Shanxi Provincial

then get someone to seek

Le 1 September 2014, 03:36 dans Humeurs 0

a process Government and market relations ", directed the problem," "decision" on this issue made a clear answer, is to make the market play a decisive role in allocating resources. " Combating corruption is essentially about abuse of powerThe rampant corruption Carolina is one of two major economic problems, Wu Jinglian corruption has long put forward the theory of rent-seeking. Yesterday's lecture scene, corruption has also become a hot issue Q & A session, Wu Jinglian responded that, "The essence of corruption is rent-seeking, executive power forIntervention in economic life to be able to manufacture rental payment, then get someone to seek authority rents in rent-seeking activities. "How nike free run 2 barataseffective anti-corruption Jinglian think the first thing is to eradicate the basis of rent-seeking, "to curb corruption, you are unlikely to abolish the power of the concept of economic activity. Example because the land resources are limited, so car license issued by the Department of Transportation is often necessaryCard, which will generate rental Kim. What is the way out One way is by public auction, the other way, you carry out strict supervision after the administration of the intervention reduced. "Eighteen years, a large anti-corruption efforts of the obvious corruption affect economic development discussion also ensued, when asked to comment on the issue, Wu Jinglian lashed this is a false proposition, "I would like to quote the Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei The statement, he said it was aFalse proposition, for example, from the situation in Beijing see some proof. There is an obvious phenomenon, many high-end restaurants in Beijing closed, but the mid-range and low-end consumer is now developing very fast, very prosperous. That in the past some of the luxury consumer has downgraded the adaptationNeeds of the public. nike free run 3 baratas"Yesterday, Jiangsu Province Commission for Discipline Inspection to the non-Party personages informed anti-corruption, good governance work: this year investigated 18 level cadres, cadres at county level 146.According to reports, eighteen years, the province's discipline inspection and supervision organs for investigation and discipline violation cases 18593, which involved 30 people prefectural cadres, cadres at county level 323. This year, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate the former Changzhou Municipal Committee, Political Committee Secretary Sun Jian country , Former vice mayor of Zhenjiang Li Weiping, Xuzhou Municipal People's Congress and former deputy director of the DING, Yancheng Xu Chao, former vice chairman of CPPCC, Wuxi Municipal People's Congress, former deputy direnike free run 4.0 hombrector Zhang Yunchang and other departmental-level cadres. Nanjing Lishui recently was Party Secretary Jiang Ming, deputy Lianyungang Mayor, Public Security Bureau Lu Yunfei, Provincial Energy Secretary Chen Yong and others suspected of serious violations of discipline problems for investigation. In addition, through anti-corruption education, eighteen members and cadres since the province's initiative to hand over gifts 114 million yuan.CaseLiu Quan, former vice president of Lianyungang Port Group bribery XingJuYesterday, Jiangsu Province Procuratorate official website: Lianyungang City Procuratorate decided