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represented by a few residents on Walnut

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resentment section Walnut community residents. By the end of July to  represented by a few residents on Walnut Community Complaints Bureau demolition to Xingyang petition asking Xingyang Sok River Street office announced the decision Xingyang levy and collection of government compensation schnew balance u420 mujer  eme. Xingyang Complaints Bureau notified by telephone cord River Street office bearer treated accordingly. Sok River Walnut Street Office and other Ministers of the armed faction responsible for the demolition work Xiangdong community and  meet people.Qiaoping Jun said that he conveyed to Xiangdong most residents dissatisfied with the compensation standards published by the Office of the views of residents submitted to Xiangdong's "relocation compensation demands." The "relocation compensation demands" along the following lines: a housing area should be a replacement ratio 1.2; 2, land conversion gold 500 yuan per square meter by developers to bear; 3, the original house decoration,

decoration should be reasonable compensation, Temporary relocation of 360 yuan per person per month; 4, indigenous settlements should be within a residential area 200 meters.Walnut community residents say the demands are in accordance with relevant provisions of the proposed requirements are not too high. For example, the replacement housing area, the old house was not the pool area, new house with pool area, new homes and tenements compared to the same area no big old house, so the proposed housing area replaced by a ratio of 1.2, which is usually in urban demolition practice.Qiaoping Jun told reporters that he conveyed the views of residents to tsalomon speedcross 3 baratashe Office officials, the time Xiangdong said, "Now that we have different views, you'll recruiting residents Polls will be open, to listen to when I went to opinions of the masses." said first and Xiangdong discuss recruiting "Polls will be," the community is to allow all residents have participated in Walnut. But then Xiangdong also informed him that only residents of recruiting Building 5 Building 6 on the list."Polls will be" agreed on at 15:00 on August 6, held in Building 7 at

the Walnut community. According to reports, in the afternoon, about Walnut community residents came to the scene more than 60 participants. Armed Minister Sok Sok River Street and River Street office Xiangdong office Gao Chu village branch secretary Erik and his party came to a twenty-person survey the scene. "Polls will" began, Xiangdong read  and other residents of the proposed "relocation compensation demands," said the resident to the presence of this "relocation compensation demands" is vexatious, office could not agree. After Xiangdonike dunk sky high españang then sped away.Qiaoping Jun said, Xiangdong minister left, Chu Skyway House tree branch secretary Gao began to speak. Gao appeared and started to say, "In my site live for decades, and let you move you want to hang out, want to householders. Tell you, people living to the underworld!"Qiaoping Jun told reporters, in his speech during the Gao Skyway, suddenly someone Chuaidao kick him to the ground, then a group of people in front of him and kicked around in the past. Standing beside the coal shed Sunxiu Rong saw his mother was beaten, ready to come to save him, the result did not leave, the mother was knocked to the ground.Qiaoping Jun and his mother after being hit by Xingyang Second People's Hospital diagnosed Qiaoping Jun multiple soft tissue injuries, his mother

He has long been engaged

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improve the work, provided the basis for scientific decision-making. Agencies involved in third-party assessments are mostly think tanks, their expertise, so that the assessment appears to be more heavy, more scientific.The experts involved in the assessment, but also a grounding process gas. Yexing Qing said, received a mandate, they first do your homework is to study the policy, in order to assess the content clearly defined. He has long been engaged in rural research, primary research to have a lot of experience, but like the implementation of nike flyknit lunar comprara policy research carried out from start to finish, have not had. "From the first one kilometer to the last one kilometer, to understand the Government to implement the complete chain, our future research will be a lot of inspiration."Man Chuan Wang said that in the actual research, business, people more relaxed reflect the situation to a third party, better speak from the heart. The status of third-party organization is more detached,

its findings more credibility. "The introduction of a third-party evaluation mechanism is important government initiatives to promote the modernization of governance." He said. "This is recruiting people to open a meeting, the officials listened to the views of residents of the community about the relocation compensation, the results of official office to speak a few words and left. Then it happened to me and my mother was playing the event, the mother of two broken ribs. "Two days ago, Zhengzhou Xingyang Walnut community residents Qiaoping Jun talked about himself and his mother was beaten at the event, his face grief.Walnut community located in Zhengzhou Xingyang Jimin Zheng road and lane about 100 meters south of the intersection, under the jurisdiction of nike free run 4.0 mujer  the Office Xingyang Ho Sok. Walnut community is 1992 on River Street office Xingyang Chu Sok village built into the establishment of community land, the entire community 10 five-storey residential building, there are 312 households. Area residents do have Xingyang are issued by the Housing Authority of house ownership (real estate license), a real estate license clearly written housing

  is one of a family, living on tnike free run 3 mujer  he Community Building 7 104 rooms, real estate license registration area is 142.97 square meters.July 9, Xingyang Sok River Street post office in Walnut community demolition notice said: All the Walnut community before the end of August 2014 demolition. The compensation scheme are as follows: 1, according to the demolition of a house in this area make up a (split tenant needs to pay land conversion gold 500 yuan / square meter), excluding coal shed area. 2, housing appendages or removed at its own expense. 3,3 years to move back guarantee, rental fees within three years 200 yuan per person per month compensation for overdue double compensation.Need to note is that the cable River Street office announced compensation scheme did not say Walnut community residents to move back to place.After the demolition and relocation compensation agreement announcement Sok River Street office announced aroused strong

Local government is to implement

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poverty reduction again this year more than 10 million"The implementation of the policy and" speed up the shantytowns, efforts to increase affordable housing projects' implementation of the policy carried out a third-party evaluation.Minister of Research, National Research Center for Rural Economy Yexing Qing involved in poverty alleviation projects to assess accurately. They split into three dimensions investigated: national ministries, local governments and farmers. National ministries are policy makers, but also the reform of the first one kilometer. Local government is to implement sectoral policies, the farmers is the last one kilometer policy implementation. "At present, the first one kilometer progress. Local governments in poor object recognition, and other aspects of policy implemnike free run 2 mujerentation cadre helping good, but slow progress in implementing the funds now have more than half the time, but the place is generally low rate of poverty alleviation funds . "There are two main reasons for his analysis. First, this year is the first year the precise poverty. Local government must first identify poor households, some technical work early

 to spend time more. Second, and related to the financial system. Assign resources from the top down, the cycle, the chain is too long. Recommendations for poverty alleviation system, capital allocation management system reform, capital allocation and project approval authority as sinking funds to improve transparency.In the research process, Yexing Qing impressed me most is some family poverty caused due to poverty school. He said that the central government has issued a 11 on the 1st file, the rural development soon. From the middle of poverty-stricken counties, the lack and want very little. A considerable part of farmers to poverty because of a lack of labor, such as poverty caused. Although the national implementation of compulsory education system, but some of the kids go to town to school, walk very far, and some require parents to read with their parents, and some want to spenike free 5.0 baratasnd a higher transportation costs. These are due to education derived burden. To solve these problems, we must improve the social security capabilities, allowing more social security underpinning role to play.National Institute of Market Economy Research

Center Director Renxing Zhou participation is to assess the shed to change the project. Research group walked nine provinces, 19 cities and counties. She said that this year the country plans to start new housing projects 7,000,000 units, which shed 4.7 million units changed, the current overall operating rate is relatively high, the project implementation under a lot of effort, but the funding gap is still large. Midwest is quite difficult to implement housing projects, because loans require repayment ability, but more difficult to finance these places.In addition, throughout the demolition difficult, especially shed change, high costs, people expect high demand. The hardest part is some nail households, sometimes because of a few families who meet the requiremnike free 3.0 v5 mujer   ents, resulting in the overall duration of the delay. "How to solve these problems, require legal intervention, but also in some places in the self-demolition made useful explorations." Renxing Zhou said.Assessments provide the basis for the government to improve working5 assessment report, there is a lot of data and charts, but more advice. These recommendations for the government to

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